mardi 6 octobre 2015

Kinivo K500 Premium 5-Port High Speed 4K HDMI Switch with IR Wireless Remote and AC Power Adapter - Supports Resolutions up to 4K UltraHD & 3D

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Price: 31,99€
Personal rating on Amazon: ★★★★★

--- On arrival ---
Kinivo has provided me this HDMI K500 switch in exchange for a honest review on Amazon.  Upon opening of this Kinivo product, we can notice it is European-rules-compliant on CE, FCC, RoHS norms. It is recyclable using an appropriate way and the manufacturer is paying what we call "eco-contribution" for the recycling of this product. The packaging was containing the HDMI 4K hub, its power unit in 2 parts, a small remote and a little manual. No information was provided about the warranty provided.

--- The product and its specs ---
This HDMI 4K switch by Kinivo is made of brushed aluminum on the sides and smooth shiny plastic at the top and the dimensions are 18cm x 6.7cm x 2.5cm. Holding it in my hand, I feel like it's basically a plastic box that's pretty empty on the inside. The green design element on the top adds a great visual value yet it's still looking fine and classy, not childish.
On the back side of the unit, we can notice 5 input and 1 output HDMI ports, and a power DC 5V input as well. On the front side, we can find 6 light indicators, 5 of them are showing which input is active, one of them is showing whether the output is on or off + an overall on/off light. We can also notice a large grey spot which is the IR receiver for the remote and a button to cycle between input ports without the remote.

--- Using it! ---
This is the first time I get to test & review a Kinivo product and honestly, I'm not deceived. Visually, we can notice it's a high-quality product, round corners, the mix of textures used (both plastic and brushed aluminum) is well-thought and the green touch added by the visual on top is kicking it! En resume, on a design level, everything's great in my opinion.

The first time I turned it on, without plugging any HDMI wire, I heard a worrying whistling sound, but fortunately it disappeared once I plugged HDMI cables in. Think about buying spare HDMI cables if you have several things to connect, since none is provided with the hub. I have managed to find very affordable HDMI cables on Amazon (2 of them for 4.20 euros, great quality, silicon caps provided, 75cm but a lot of sizes are provided). At my local shops, every single cable was priced between 11 and 16 euros each. I guess that's the price for all the marketing blah-blah, don't let them fool you... Basic cables that can be found on Amazon are way more than enough and do the job perfectly.

Anyways, five HDMI inputs, one output, this is great and way more than enough for a common use. By my side, I've got my TV decoder, my Playstation and my Chromecast on it and I still have 2 slots if I want to add like a NAS, another console (Xbox doesn't deserve it haha) or whatever. The remote is a great idea, it's sooo useful for lazy people like me, to switch input sources quickly which is very practical, but the HDMI hub is also able to switch to new active sources automatically. For example, if I'm watching TV and I suddenly turn on my Playstation from afar, it will switch to the Playstation input all by itself.

Then, all we have to do if visually check and confirm that we're on the right source by looking at the red (inactive) and blue (active) round lights on the front side.

Regarding the image and sound quality, there's nothing in particular to say, the Kinivo K500 HDMI hub is still doing the job perfectly as we want it done, the quality is not degraded either by the cables or the switch itself, you'll enjoy the highest quality that your screen can show you. For me, having a little screen, I'm watching things in FullHD/1080p, but 4K or 3D screens owners will be able to benefit that high of an image quality without a doubt. Lucky you, guys haha ;)

Summarized, the pros:
+ neat finishes, nice design
+ quality not degraded
+ excellent compatibility with any definition, 1080p, FullHD, BluRay, 4K, 3D...
+ several ports available (there is also a 3-port version that would've fitted me better)
+ having a remote is very useful
+ ease-of-use

The cons:
- nothing wrong for me, everything's great

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