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Avantree DG40S Bluetooth Adapter for PC, Bluetooth Dongle with IVT BlueSoliel, Support Win 7 Win 8 XP Vista Plug-n-Play for Win 7 plus, 2 Year Warranty

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 --- On arrival ---
The parcel in envelope size was containing this DG40S by Avantree, the packaging is as simple as a school supply packaging such as a marker pen :) It was containing the USB Bluetooth dongle, its manual, and most important, a mini-CD to install the BlueSoleil software to operate the dongle. Don't worry if you don't have a CD drive, you can download BlueSoleil online, just make sure you use the 9.X version. It's Windows-compatible only. It is under a 2-year warranty.

--- The product and its specs ---

So let's start with the size: 22mm x 4mm x 12mm, small and compact. After it's plugged in to your computer, you can forget it, your computer will be Bluetooth-enabled once and for all! This dongle's power range is approx 50m and the data transfer speed is pretty fast, reaching 3 Mbps! When plugging it in, you can notice a little green light to show whether it's in pairing mode or already paired with a device. Not only it is Bluetooth 4.0-compatible, but it also works with Bluetooth 3.0, 2.X and 1.X devices.
However, be careful: this Bluetooth DG40S dongle is only compatible with BlueSoleil 9.X whereas the latest version is a 10.X.

--- Using it! ---
After a little while, you can notice that this Bluetooth dongle is very handy since once it's plugged in, there's nothing to do, no need to touch it, controlling it is all done through the BlueSoleil software. Be careful though, don't forget to install BlueSoleil BEFORE plugging in the dongle. Actually, it does contain an integrated software but it doesn't look functional so...
While installing BlueSoleil, don't worry, the process will look buggy, choppy, frozen... It takes a lot of time, really. If an error happens, just accept it and it'll continue. Pretty strange. It will then require a computer restart... It's a really pain to install but once it's done, everything then works fine. BlueSoleil is a reference in the Bluetooth software market since my very first Bluetooth dongle about 10 years ago already. The software design hasn't changed yet since then... :)

As for the compatible devices... I've been using this dongle to link my computer to phones, smartphones, tablets, a printer, speakers, headsets, hands-free earphones, an mp3 player... I could confirm the high speed files transfer, the great audio quality thanks to the A2DP support, I've not experienced any sound cut-off walking around in my apartment with my Bluetooth earphones on (except behind several walls, of course).

I've only experienced a small issue while connecting one of my speakers, when activating the speaker's “hands-free” function in BlueSoleil, the sounds get very choppy. I guess it's an isolated case because it's only appeared on these particular speakers, they must be the origin of the trouble. However, Avantree contacted me to get more details about this and they're investigating the issue.

I've tried cutting a pairing link between the dongle and my devices by wrapping it up in aluminum foil, that didn't break the connection. I guess the emitting power is strong enough, good news!

Summarized, the pros:
+ great range (up to 50m)
+ backward compatibility with older Bluetooth standards
+ clear and explicit LED light
+ very complete manual
+ works with all types of devices, even health devices like digital thermometers, cardio measuring devices, etc.
+ great data transfer speed (up to 3 Mbps)

The cons:
- the install process of BlueSoleil software is very slow and painful
- don't forget to install BlueSoleil before using the dongle because the built-in software won't work

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  1. I was unable to get this Bluetooth adapter to work with my pointer device, such as a mouse.

    1. Hi there L3iGH, did you download the Bluesoleil Bluetooth software prior to using it?