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EasyAcc® 20000mAh Dual USB Power Bank with Precise LCD Digital Display 8.4V DC Port External Battery Pack Charger for iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy Sony DV ASUS Android Phones Smartphones Tablets PCs

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Price: 59,99€ 71,90 €
Personal rating on Amazon: ★★★★☆

--- Receiving the parcel ---
The package I received contained two products from EasyAcc, in an appropriate packaging displaying a "Li-ion battery" warning on it. The articles were both CE and FCC-compliant, which is a guarantee of quality for items as dangerous as batteries. The product box is made out of recyclable cardboard. The Powerbank PB20000AP was containing the Powerbank, of course, its manual, its warranty card "EasyAcc cares about you <3" (so cute with its little heart haha), but also 3 wires and a cable adapter. Two wires are used to charge the Powerbank, a short and a long one (20cm and 60cm), a wire for DC output (especially for Sony DV recorders), and a little adapter for this same wire.

Don't forget to plan on having or buying an AC charger to plug the USB-side of the charging cable (which is USB to microUSB) in order to charge your Powerbank. I strongly recommend the Dual-Port USB Charger by EasyAcc which is only 10.99€ yet it is a high-quality charger that delivers way enough power to charge the Powerbank in about a night (7 hours) and can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. Please refer to that product review for more detail. The Powerbank gets charged by microUSB.

--- The product and its specs ---
Let's start with the specs, and they're impressive.
Capacity: 20,000 mAh x 3.7 V = 74 Wh
Battery type: Li-ion rechargeable cell
Cycles: ≥ 500 (more than 500 charge cycles, believe me, that really is a lot and lasts very long!)
Output: DC port: 8.4V 1.0A (max); USB1 port: DC 5V 1.3A (max); USB2 port: DC 5V 2.1A (max)
Input: DC 5V 2.0A (max), as a reminder, AC charger is NOT included!

Visually, the Powerbank is big, yet not cumbersome. Some nice round shapes, a smooth and silky texture, and a size of 18.5cm by 8cm by 2cm. The product has been well-designed and properly manufactured, the finishing is very neat and clean.
On the left side, we can notice a small ON/OFF button, which, once pressed, turns on a little screen on the front side of the Powerbank.
Both USB ports are distinguished by their output power directly written on them to differentiate them.
Minimalist by design, still pleasant to bring everywhere with oneself, this Powerbank hides its strength and power VERY well.

--- Usage ---
While being used, the Powerbank reveals a really big potential, so I'll go directly to the point of this item.
When I go to the lake with friends for instance, it charges everyone's phones (usually iPhones), which means 6-7 phones, and it's not uncharged yet.
When I'm alone, it charges my iPhone 5S (talking about full charges) about 10 times in 1 Powerbank single charge cycle. Reached 12 iPhone charges at most once. Or my iPad 4 two times. I cannot guarantee such performance on an iPad 3 because that iPad is known to have charging issues due to its consumption (that's the only iPad to be able to go down in battery percentage while being used and plugged to its charger).

As for the rest... It was delivered with 87% of battery at my home. It's very simple to use, it's just like "plug'n'play". Plug a USB wire to your device, to the Powerbank, and turn on the Powerbank. And that's it, it starts charging... The screen lights, the battery percentage left is shown with the "OUT" indication confirming that the Powerbank is delivering power.

To charge the Powerbank, all it needs is to plug the microUSB to the "IN" plug and to a sector charger to notice to screen turning on, showing the "IN" indicator, confirming that the Powerbank is receiving power.

And you're done, as simple as that! The Powerbank will charge whatever gets charged by an USB cable, beit speakers, tablets, smartphones, tablet-PCs, cameras, portable consoles like PSPs, GPS receivers...

To those who would have brilliant ideas such as charging the Powerbank on itself: it cannot do that, there's a protection against that! Furthermore, short-circuits are not recommended as mentioned in the manual and warranty card. As for charging a device while the Powerbank is charging... Bad idea? Why don't you charge your device directly?

In my daily life, I always carry it with me, with my phone cable and I don't hesitate to use it everywhere, beit in my car, walking, at the cinema, at the beach... It can be hold in the belly pocket of a sweatshirt, in a loose back jean pocket (however don't forget it's 18cm long). Usually, you can just hold both the Powerbank and your phone together with just one hand pretty naturally. Thanks to its design, it manages to remain discreet. It can undergo some light facial shocks thanks to the black smooth and grippy surface, even though hits are not recommended, it can stand some light waterdrops and heat.

As for the heat, be careful. Just like any other device that contains Li-ion batteries, exposure to the heat can lead to serious damage due to a fire starting or an explosion, for the worst.
The Powerbank contains a very big battery, that creates heat when charging a device. This is normal and I'm not saying it's going to explode someday, but I like being careful when charging my iPad for instance, as it is very energy-greedy. That phenomenon is NOT perceived when charging smaller devices like my phone, so there's nothing to worry about. Let's not forget that this device is FCC and CE compliant :) Just avoid putting the Powerbank and a plugged device under clothes when charging, for example.

Moreover, due to the temperature rising on the top of the Powerbank while charging energy-greedy devices and the screen being placed there, you might get to notice the LCD screen crystals getting dilated. This gets to show unreadable percentage indications (188%), and a part of the screen progressively becomes black. But don't worry, your Powerbank isn't burning from the inside! Once you unplug your charging device, the Powerbank will cool itself down and the screen will return to normal state :)

In brief, the pros:
+ practical and light, reasonably-sized, designed for portability, tine and beautiful device
+ impressive number of charge cycles, I charge it once in a week
+ 2 USB output ports and a DC 8.4V all usable at the same time
+ a screen showing the percentage of battery left on the Powerbank as well as precise informations on output modes
+ resists finely against the vagaries of life

The cons:
- screen darkening due to the heating while charging an energy-greedy device. Moving the screen towards the bottom of the Powerbank would be an idea, I guess.
- the black cover is very smooth and pleasant to touch, but I'd better see a shockproof coating, it would be a bonus.

PS: Let me highlight the fact that I have noticed that the customer service I have dealt by email with is very efficient, reactive and comprehensive. They will be listening to all the suggestions, comments and complaints. It feels good buying a quality product for cheap when you know that, whatever happens, they will be someone to reply and try their best to find a solution.

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